Poor rural people in Central America does not assign value to protected areas since they fail to clearly perceive their services in the face of the rush to prosper in a degraded socioeconomic environment where too often the alternative is to fight to survive amid misery, corruption and crime.


Dos Mares is a voluntary initiative looking for the conservation of marine protected areas in Central America through the creation of VALUE in the judgement of the poor communities that live around the reserves.


I am asking $50,000 for supporting Dos Mares's mission to conduct a pilot project in a specific marine protected area at Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador or Nicaragua (Which seem to be the most impoverished countries in the region) toward improving their management programs, to train and equip park rangers, and to increase the flow of visitors and communities participation in such a way that VALUE is created in the protected area judging by the criteria of the neighboring communities and the society.


Marine protected areas in Central America are seriously threatened and I want to change this situation.


Won't someone please help me out?


Thank you very much for your help!