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Most of the rural population of Central America does not assign value to protected areas since they fail to clearly perceive their services in the face of the rush to prosper in a degraded socioeconomic environment where too often the alternative is to fight to survive amid misery, corruption and crime.


Dos Mares is a voluntary initiative looking for the conservation of marine protected areas in Central America through the creation of VALUE in the judgement of the poor communities that live around the reserves.


I am asking for financial support to allow me to increase the dissemination of educational information on marine conservation that I normally distribute on the Facebook and Twitter platforms. You can make your donation using the donorbox at the bottom of this page. One dollar counts!

I also invite you to visit my Oceanic Collection where you can invest in digital art on the sea in the form of NFTs which acquire value over time because they are linked to the cryptocurrency ETH and its Etherium blockchain. 10% of the sales will be used to pay for the dissemination of educational information on the Dos Mares social networks on Facebook and Twitter.


Marine protected areas in Central America are seriously threatened and I want to change this situation.


Won't someone please help me out?


Thank you very much for your help!

Carlos A. Espinosa, Director and Founder of Dos Mares

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