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Dos Mares is emerging as a decentralized organization from its inception to its legalization. The MISSION of Dos Mares is to execute at least three technical programs, catalyzing scientists and students from different countries who want to carry out projects for the conservation of marine resources in Central America with an emphasis on marine protected areas. These programs with their respective subprograms are listed below.

I. Scientific Program
1.   Field laboratories development
2.   Database development
3.   Blue Data
4.   State of the science
5.   Drones for science
6.   Dos Mares mobile app.

II. Educational program
1.   Social networks operation
2.   Science Matter Bulletin
3.   Dos Mares Journal
4.   Creating value for MPAs
5.   Researcher Pairing
6.   Story Maps

III. Conservation Program
1.    Marine Spatial Planning
2.   Sustainable Fishing
3.   Global warming adaptation
4.   Fishing Traceability

Marine biologist holding large sea star
Group of Diverse Kids Learning Environme
People exploring a wild nature area by r

For the period 2022 - 2032, Dos Mares plans to incorporate motivated people to form an Ad Honorem Seed Group as a functional force to land the vision and mission of Dos Mares to a decentralized organization, legally established and with an operational presence in the territory. It is intended that this Seed Group initiate the primary activities to achieve this functionality.

Ad Honorem Seed Group
1.   Organizational Structure
2.   Legal incorporation
3.   Financial Mechanisms
4.   MPAs metaverse
5.   Project Portfolio
6.   Database
7.   Other subprograms as required.

People interested in supporting Dos Mares in its vision and mission as members of the Grupo Semilla Ad honorem, or to propose a project and join a technical program, should send a letter of intent to Carlos A. Espinosa, director and founder of Dos Mares to the email: justifying your interest.

People with fluent command of the English language, experience in the aforementioned fields or subprograms, basic knowledge of the Spanish language, and work experience in Central America will be especially considered. The people selected may be an integral part of Dos Mares in accordance with the organizational and legal figure that will be established.

For a detailed explanation of the subprograms, request the document "Dos Mares Programs 2020 - 2023" to the email:

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